Mar 19, 2013

Free Facebook Credits Generator

Instead of wasting your cash to play FB games, download our FREE Facebook credits generator.

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FAQ and info:

What is these credits?

Just like tokens at an arcade or amusement park, credits are a secure way to play games and BUY virtual and digital goods on Facebook. You can buy them using your credit card, PayPal, mobile phone or another payment method.
Use them across any supported games and apps.

How can we share them for free?

Because our advertisers and sponsors pay us for advertising their products on our website. And we get paid a bit from our advertisers, each time our users complete a free survey.
The money we earn, is then spend to pay our software developers which keep our generator updated. Also it costs quite a lot to keep our website fully functional.

Am I safe to download the program?

You are 100% safe, none of our files got any malware. We are Verisign trusted, and the website we upload our files to, check for viruses daily. If you don't trust any of this, you could always read the positive comments from other users, or scan the website yourself.

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Their success:

free facebook credits
Whether it's out of passion or plain hatred, no one can deny the massive success of Facebook, the super giant social media network today. Its popularity has surged into a staggering height that it has toppled Friendster and totally erased it from the face of social networking. The network has now over 845 million monthly active users.

Facebook's success is also evident when different big names in the Worldwide Web industry started to pull ropes to acquire or just to get a small portion of this phenomenal social network. In 2004, its rival (Friendster) attempted to buy its rights for $10 million. 
Two years later, in 2006, Yahoo tried to negotiate with Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to acquire the network at $1 billion. Viacom made the same attempt for $750 million in the same year. All these offers were turned down, and now look at where FB is standing—on top of a cash mountain.

Their games and apps:

facebook credits generator
One has to wonder how they generate income. Advertisement is probably the first source of money, as this is after all the lifeblood of the media. And the company has found one another way to do business and generate profit—

Free Facebook credits are basically the virtual money that can be spent on the wide range of games and applications. 
This way of profit-generating has been a good move. People can't say no to games and other applications when they find internet surfing a form of recreation or a momentary break from serious stuff, like office work. Some are even addicted to these games that they can literally spend the whole day playing.
They are paid through different payment options, like credit card, PayPal and mobile phone wallet.

About generators:

Facebook credits
Getting people to purchase games and software is never easy without any marketing strategy. So the biggest social network makes use of a tried and tested approach of promotion tactic—giving random users a little taste of virtual money so they would crave for more. 
Users receive credits even without purchasing, which the site calls it a 'gift.'

When it's free, it's best. Another way of getting their game without spending cash on a user's part is through the free Facebook Credits Generator that has been viral these past few months. 

In its most basic sense, it's a tool that generates Facebook gift and redemption code to get credits without the hassle of credit cards and other payment methods. It is downloadable and 100% virus-free. 

A doubtful user can scan it with different virus databases and will be glad that the claim is true. 
The newest version of can generate up to 5,000.
As of now, the makers of Facebook Credits Generator are not selling the application. It's totally free. Though, in the future, they may sell it. 
So users, who happen to be tight in budget, are encouraged to take advantage while it's free.

Other ways to get Free Facebook Credits

Facebook is not just as a social networking site. 

It helps you stay in contact with your loved ones and share your events and occasions with them, but has developed into a complete entertainment platform with various activities you can do on it as a member. 

free facebook credits

One such popular activity is social media gaming that allows you to play different genre of games with your friends. All these games have different levels and stages to complete and you can compete with you friends and join the race in winning each level faster than your friends.
Credits are like points that can be used to advance to next levels quickly as you can use them to buy different powers, enhancements in game, game lives, bonus levels, shop for different items in game or even give your game platform a new look with various themes and etc.

Buying them directly can be expensive and might prove as an unnecessary expense but hardcore game lovers simply do not prefer giving up winning their games and go an extra mile to win. However with free Facebook credits you can save a lot of money as well as advance in your game levels without the need for directly buying them. 
There are many ways get them for free online through various medium. Some are offered completely free while some come as compliments for shopping on certain websites.

Some websites offer free Facebook credits for either completing their surveys or for signing up on their websites that increases their member count. 

Most websites want to attract new visitors to their websites to increase their popularity on search engines and hence offer rewards that can be used in games, for every person who signs up or subscribe for their newsletters. This creates an opportunity for mutual benefits between website owners and users.

Many companies give free credits as part of incentive program for their customers as a token of appreciation for being associated with their business and/or products. Some popular eCommerce websites offer them for on every purchase on various products. And since we all shop for some or other products, this can be great way to save on and earn points and credits that can be used in various games on Facebook. 

This helps to improve your scores on your favorite games by purchasing add-on features that makes you complete your level fast. There are some iPhone and Android applications that give free credits in exchange for checking their stores or for downloading applications and trying them. Some applications even offer additional point in exchange for user ratings.

These methods is all pretty time and money-consuming, we highly recommend to check out our generator, then you can get all the free Facebook credits you want!